In retaining legal representation, apart from ensuring that your lawyer has all the necessary skills, the other issue which causes client anxiety is the question of legal costs.

We believe it is vital that clients not only know the processes involved in their compensation and TPD claims, but also that they know what the legal costs are, and the circumstances in which they are payable. The issue of legal costs is a discussion we have upfront with our clients so there is no misunderstanding. Our experience is that this provides our clients with peace of mind, and with no nasty shocks the end of their claim. It is also worth remembering that in most circumstances where a client is successful, the defendant will be ordered to or agree to pay a contribution towards the legal costs incurred.

Relevant legislation requires that clients enter into a fee agreement and provide disclosure of certain important matters. This documentation clearly sets out the rights and obligations of both parties and establishes the framework under which the legal work is to be performed. We are always content to discuss issues relating to costs, noting also your entitlement to obtain independent legal advice regarding the entering into a fee agreement.

Subject to a review of your claim and certain conditions, most of our work is performed on a no win no fee basis. In short, what this means is that if your claim is not successful, then you will not be liable to pay our legal fees.

We pride ourselves on having a flexible approach to legal costs. Our clients can choose from either a fixed fee stage based agreement, a time calculated no win no fee agreement, or choose to pay their legal fees as they are incurred at a significantly reduced hourly rate. These options are explained to our clients in detail at our initial conference, and they are given the opportunity of considering what approach best suits their circumstances.

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