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John Cox is a lawyer with over 20 years’ experience
in personal injury litigation.

He is one of the less than 10% of solicitors in New South Wales accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales as a specialist in personal injury law, a title he has held continuously since 2003.

John was raised in western Sydney and completed his legal studies whilst working as a border control officer with the Australian Customs service, a job he enjoyed performing for 10 years. Prior to Customs, John worked for a time with the State Emergency Services in a paid role.

From the very start of his legal career, John found himself acting for clients in personal injury claims including psychiatric and psychological injury. In fact, his very first claim involved a young mother, the victim of a violent crime who went on to develop chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Following on from this, John has represented thousands of claimants, many of those in respect of psychological claims. John has a deep empathy and understanding of the difficulties faced by his clients.

In the past 10 years John has developed a niche practice representing first responders in their compensation and TPD claims. ‘First responders’ is a term that refers to police, ambulance, fire and rescue personnel as well as volunteer groups including Rural Fire and the State Emergency Services. At this point of his career, John believes that he has found his legal calling and he is a passionate advocate for the clients he represents.

Compensation and TPD claims involving those with psychiatric and psychological injuries is a unique area of law. These claims have intrinsic complexity by virtue of the very nature of the injuries and the circumstances of their development. As such many lawyers make a decision not to represent clients with these claims.

Specialising in this area of law, John has developed a high level of knowledge, experience and a comprehensive understanding of the law which remains fluid and changes frequently. No two of these claims are the same and they require the development of an individual claim/litigation strategy to ensure success and the maximisation of a claimant’s compensation.

John developed this approach whilst with his previous firm Cox West Lawyers where he provided his clients with a high level of personal service. It is this approach that he continues with Specialist PTSD and Injury Lawyers, eschewing the large volume, ‘sausage factory’ approach that other litigation firms model themselves on. Being the sole director of the company, the ultimate responsibility in respect of a matter is his. Apart from his professional obligations and those he holds to the court, John is not the subject of extraneous pressure from other stakeholders or third parties.

John’s professional touchstones are passion, creativity and tenacity. His former clients attest to his attributes as an approachable, hard-working lawyer who will not compromise in respect of ensuring that his client’s rights are the ultimate focus of the work he performs. Most importantly John is approachable, has a keen sense of humour and loves this line of work. He feels honoured to act for the clients he does, especially those first responders, and takes great joy from developing long friendships with many of his clients which continue after their claims have been finalised.

John is a strong advocate for legal reform in respect of psychiatric and psychological claims. He is also an advocate for the de-stigmatisation of mental illness generally, and the cultural and societal responses specifically in respect of those who are mentally injured and pursue compensation.

John is always happy to provide legal comment in the media respect of matters relevant to these areas of practice.

Given his background growing up in the multicultural suburb of Auburn in Sydney’s western suburbs, John is a fighter for the underdog and underprivileged. He is strident in his encouragement of young Western Sydney students in taking the plunge and studying law, especially those from other cultures and minority groups. He is always willing to speak to schools, legal study classes and other community groups. He believes it is important that the legal profession works harder at ensuring greater diversity within its ranks, which ultimately should reflect the society over which the legal system wields so much power.

Despite his current specialisation, John also has extensive experience in personal injury claims involving medical negligence, motor vehicle accidents and physical workers’ compensation claims. He has experience in criminal proceedings and estate litigation, involving the suing of estates (family provision claims). In 2013, John successfully obtained damages in excess of $7 million for a young child, the unfortunate victim of negligence on the part of a doctor which caused the child to suffer from significant birth defects.

John knows the stress and anxiety associated with litigation and compensation claims. He is always happy to take an initial call, discuss your circumstances and see if he can assist.

Please feel free to call him any time.


Nadia Rahman Lawyer


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Nadia Rahman is currently a lawyer working with John Cox
at Specialist PTSD & Injury Lawyers.

Nadia grew up in western Sydney and undertook a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts at Western Sydney University. Nadia completed her law and arts degree in 2016, and was admitted as a solicitor in NSW in 2017. She joined the legal industry in 2012 when she was employed as a litigation paralegal at Cox West Lawyers. Under John’s tutelage, she worked in his personal injury practice and performed work in the areas of workers compensation, superannuation and insurance, including TPD claims, motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence and public liability.

After Cox West Lawyers merged with Slater + Gordon Lawyers, Nadia continued her employment as a law clerk, working in the Penrith police compensation personal injury group. During this time, she acted for NSW Police Officers handling workers compensation, work injury damages, and TPD matters for them. She developed an expertise in this area under John’s guidance and supervision, and undertook preparatory work usually performed by a solicitor. This included drafting detailed submissions, court documents such as statements of claims, notices of motions and affidavits, having day to day carriage of litigated matters in both the District Court of NSW and Supreme Court of NSW, and briefing counsel for interlocutory applications and hearings under the supervision of John. Nadia is continuing in this type of work with John.

Nadia has a passion for acting for clients that suffer from psychological and psychiatric illnesses. She empathises with the fact that the seriousness of mental health issues is understated, underreported, underappreciated and misunderstood, especially in workplaces. She is dedicated to destigmatising psychological injury through the work she does and responding to the ‘toughen up princess’ attitude commonly seen in workplaces in response to psychological issues. Nadia is also dedicated to fighting the negative stereotype claimants encounter (such as ‘looking for a payday’), and educating others to the value of tort law and personal injury law, which enable legitimate claimants to access compensation justly and have their pain and suffering recognised through settlement of their claims or judgment.

Nadia has a particular passion for acting for people who have been subjected to sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination. As a female and a member of an ethnic minority, she takes strong offence to the often-systemic undermining of persons in the workplace for their perceived inequality, whether it is related to gender, race, sexual orientation, or any other bias. She believes, quite simply, that all persons are equal, entitled to their bodily integrity, and that one’s differences (whatever those may be) does not cause that person to be ‘lesser’ in any way. She is saddened and disappointed at the frequency with which bullying and harassment issues appear in her matters, and the surprising lack of regard and care some employers often show in response. Nadia is committed to combating these issues by confronting corporate defendants in the litigation process as to the serious and damaging psychological ramifications and injuries that can result from this type of conduct, and holding them accountable for their actions. John is supportive and encouraging of Nadia’s passion for this type of work.

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