One of the honours and privileges of this job is meeting so many decent hard-working clients and assisting them through the legal maze and ultimately watching them move on with their lives. Many of our former clients we keep in contact with and indeed many become friends. Below are some testimonials from clients John Cox has acted for during the last five years of his career:

I am an injured ex police officer who was fortunate enough to be introduced to john cox in 2008 at a time when the ‘system’had me wrapped up in circles. At this same time, shortly around the time of my medical discharge, the NSW Police Association had basically told me they could do nothing for me as I was not pre 88.

Immediately after meeting john, my outlook on life changed. After our first meeting, john gave me direction and a clear understanding of what I was facing into the future. He understood my injuries and could relate and empathise with what I was going through. He showed compassion unseen to me before.

Its now 2016 and I have been through a TPD Claim with Metlife, a S66/67 claim and an extremely complex work injury damages claim. I was successful in all of these claims. Thanks to John. Mixed in to this litigation I had an ongoing fight with my workers compensation insurer who tried to cut my weekly benefits. Eight years of hell and the only thing that got me through it was have John in my corner fighting hard every step of the way to protect my rights. John’s understanding of not only the law, but his strategic implementation of the law, is something I have never seen before.

At times I was so stressed and irrational I would email or phone john quite upset. John made himself available to me at every opportunity he was able and without judment would talk me through not only my legal concerns, but had a very positive impact on the well being of my family life. Plain and simple, John, you saved my life and are respinsible for getting me through to the other side. You are a great man and probably the only voice I found that truly believes in fighting for the rights of not only police, but injustice in general.

Thank you John. You personally have changed my life and I cannot thank you enough.


Dear John and Nadia

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! No words will ever be enough to say thank you for all your hard work and help over the last few years.

We appreciate your friendship and would like to say thanks with this gift.

Mrs Scott

John Cox & Team,

When I first meet John Cox my life was in free fall, I had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder a couple of years prior, I had seen everything I had worked hard for diminish due to my inability to work in an industry I was trained and skilled, I had little control over a number of insurance matters and to be frank, the future looked grim. John Cox with the support of Nadia Rahman, turned this around within a matter of months (not years), taking full control of the process and delivering on his initial consultation, which was that, under my policies , I was entitled to a TPD declaration and a lump sum payout. This had been previously declined with my long time insurer before after my own self attempts to make a claim.

John’s knowledge, nature, and consistent guidance throughout the process changed not only my life, but my families forever. It has allowed us to worry about my ongoing recovery and wellbeing, by providing my family with the financial security and stability that is required when you are dealing with such life changing events.

I can’t thank John & Nadia enough for their ongoing help and friendship, and cannot recommend their services highly enough to anyone that may have given up on hope, as we had.


MetLife refutes inflammatory surveillance assertions

Sydney, 15.1.2015: In response to draft article shared on 13.1.2015, many of the allegations by Mr Cox are inflammatory and incorrect. To the extent the assertions he makes relate to MetLife, we reject any suggestion that we would be knowingly engaged in illegal or unethical practices.

MetLife always seeks to pay legitimate claims quickly and fairly. It is important to note that unmeritorious claims result in the passing on of premium increases, which is unfair for other members and unsustainable in the long run. MetLife uses surveillance selectively and sparingly and only where it has concerns about the legitimacy of a claim. When doing so we conform to recognised industry standards, ensuring privacy

is respected and that the surveillance is relevant, targeted and discreet.


If you have worked the front line in any triple zero service there is a good chance you may suffer from a physical or psychological injury. In my case I have physical injuries and needed assistance in making a TPD claim.

I found John Cox and Nadia Rahman to be extremely knowledgeable and competent with the legislation, including WorkCover. The extensive experience and understanding they have, produced positive results.

John and Nadia have a great passion for protecting the broken protectors. I describe them as people with integrity, strength and a strong commitment to get results.

Thank you John and Nadia for giving me peace of mind, I haven’t looked back.

J Platt

Hi Nadia, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you did for my matter. I’m so grateful to you and John Cox and so relieved it’s all done. So again thank you.

B.M, ex police officer

I am a first responder living in an Australian state.

If it weren’t for John Cox, I would not have a job. His sharp intelligence and extensive experience, in this specialised field of law, assured a safe passage through the most uncertain time of my career.


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