As a firm we hold important and are passionate about:

  • Acting for workers in the course of their employment and especially those with psychological and psychiatric injuries;
  • The plight of ex-police and other first responders in the often terrible ordeal they go through in simply obtaining compensation insurance benefits which they are entitled to;
  • Agitating for reform of this area of law to stop suicides and ongoing despair, distress and anguish for plaintiffs and their families;
  • Helping to destigmatise legal and cultural reactions and responses to mental illness and injury in the workplace;
  • Providing a client focused service involving pursuing justice for our clients in maximum compensation, and in doing so, seek to bear the legal load and guide clients through the process in a supportive manner as possible;
  • We aim to create a firm that is progressive, treats its clients and employees with respect and dignity, and encourages and strives for creativity and excellence in the practice of law. We seek to break down the existing barriers of legal practice through our use of technology, our collaborative approach throughout accessibility and approach ability.

Having built our expertise acting for psychologically injured clients, especially cops and first responders, our work is challenging both in terms of its legal and factual aspects and the distress we witness our clients suffering. We love what we do, and we do it with the reward of knowing how important the work is. We can truly say that we are honoured to do this work. On a daily basis, we are reminded of, and inspired by, the very great sacrifices and the bravery and courage of the men and women of the Police Force, Ambulance Service, and Fire & Rescue.


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